Thursday, December 21, 2006

His Own Way Forward

Bush has always said he would listen to the generals in Iraq and give them the troops they need. But there may be a rift between the administration and military with Bush sending more troops regardless of what the generals say. Washington Post If Bush doesn’t listen to the generals, will the media go back and report what he said? Columbia Journalism Review

For the first time Bush says the U.S. is not winning in Iraq, but “we’re not losing” either. Washington Post

Vice President Cheney will testify as a defense witness in the in CIA leak case. New York Times

If you’re related to an executive at Goldman Sachs, you’d better get a very good Christmas gift this year. CNBC

A blizzard hits Colorado closing Denver International Airport and canceling 1000 flights. AP/MSNBC Things are only a bit better at London’s Heathrow where hundreds of flights have been canceled due to freezing fog. Sky

The end of the year means lists. Here’s a list of 100 of the best websites. Guardian

And here’s a list of 23 things, other than a bigger flat screen, to ask for this Christmas. Men’s Health

Allen Iverson said he didn’t ask to be traded to Denver. ESPN (video)

Ahh, yes. The myth of topless beaches on foreign shores.. Be careful what you wish for.


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