Monday, January 22, 2007

Ambush in Disguise

Insurgents disguised as U.S. personnel rushed a military compound and killed five troops. Washington Post Two bombs kill dozens in Baghdad AP/Yahoo

China tested a missile that can knock out satellites. New York Times The West is naturally concerned about the test. Guardian China’s military buildup. BBC The U.S. isn’t changing their space weapons policy. That could be why the Chinese tested their missile.

Obama set up an exploratory last week. Clinton, Brownback and Richardson did the same this weekend. But the Democrats’ Chosen One is no longer assured to win the candidacy. New York Times

What the “hell” is wrong with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez? Reuters

A man in PA learned you need to be careful what you write in letters to the editor. AP

Think junk mail is a load of rubbish? Want to protect your credit? New York Times

Remember the Rubik’s Cube? Could you ever figure it out? Now you can…

It’s the Bears and Colts in Super Bowl XLI. The Colts are favored by the experts.. in Vegas. AP/Sports Illustrated Want to jet down to Miami that weekend to catch The Big Game, or a Heat game? ..or just chill out on the beach? ESPN

There are Vulcans in the White House.
No, there are Klingons in the White House!
NO, there are faux-Klingons in the White
House!! Really.. this congressman said so
on the House floor. Maybe our
Representatives should get to work and
stop watching Star Trek reruns.


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