Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gallows Video

Iraqi authorities are pursuing the person who took the mobile phone video of Saddam’s execution. BBC White House is mum on the way the hanging was carried out. New York Times Was his trip to the gallows dignified? Guardian

Looks like Bush has decided to push up troop numbers in Iraq. MSNBC

The Democrats take control of Congress today. The “culture of corruption” helped Dems take back control of the House. Can new Speaker Nancy Pelosi keep her promise of making it the “most ethical Congress ever”? Washington Post

Negroponte leaves top spy post where he coordinated 16 intelligence agencies. MSNBC

There’s still time to get your commercial in during the Super Bowl. All you need to do is fork over a couple o’ million. CNNMoney

Dear Britney: “Paris Hilton is a natural [at partying] and you just can not keep up.. you should stick to your own kind like Tara Reid.” Los Angeles Times

What Do You Think? Will you watch? Most - if not all - broadcast networks didn’t show the trap door open beneath the Saddam. It’s right here on YouTube (no surprise). Just a click away. So, will you watch? Why? If not, tell us that too.

As you surely know, the Godfather of Soul died on Christmas day. If you only know “I Feel Good” and “Living in America,” then start this morning off on the good foot by checking this out.


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