Thursday, January 11, 2007

"New Strategy"

Bush adds more than 20,000 more troops to Iraq but U.S. commitment there is “not open-ended.” New York Times “Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me.” Text of the speech: Los Angeles Times The response from Dems on The Hill. CNN While the U.S. stands up even more, the British will stand down by 40% in May. Telegraph
Questions about whether a 1998 Embassy bombing suspect was killed in U.S. airstrikes in Somalia this week. CNN Why has the U.S. been suddenly hitting Somalia? Time

Closer to “reality” and hopefully peace: Hamas leader acknowledges Israel, but.. Reuters

The warm winter weather has a benefit: The price of oil hits a two-year low. Bloomberg

Here it is: The Apple iPhone (with some video). CNET This writer got his hands on it for an hour. New York Times

Everyone has talked about whether or not McGwire should get into the Baseball Hall of Fame, except him. Sports Illustrated

Adios Madrid, Hello L.A.? Looking more like Beckham may be leaving Madrid.. And maybe headed to Hollywood. Los Angeles Times

Thought about selling your own brand of condoms? Only if you’re a P.I.M.P. Guardian

It’s been hard to miss the frenzy over Apple’s iPhone over the last few days (we’re not helping). Granted, it’s not even out yet, but do you like it? Are you dying to get your fingerprints all over one of those touchscreens? Tell us at Joe.

The Joe likes to inform and educate. So, here’s a lecture on the history and usage of a certain four-letter word. If you think your boss won’t like it, turn down your volume. Or fu*k it, turn it up!


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