Thursday, January 25, 2007


In his State of the Union Address, Bush asks Congress to give his Iraq plan a chance, for Americans to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years, and proposed a tax write-off for health insurance. Washington Post Here’s the text and audio commentary: New York Times

The troop surge in Iraq proposed by Bush has already begun, but a Senate committee passed a non-binding resolution to oppose it. Some republicans who voted against resolution are still uneasy about the troop increase. Washington Post

Last summer, a Russian man was arrested in the Republic of Georgia trying to sell a bag of weapons-grade uranium. The Russian authorities are resistant to help in the investigation. CNN

In a 25-country poll, nearly half don’t like America’s role in the world. BBC.

Putting Tony Blair in an awkward position, Britain’s senior prosecutor says the war on terror isn’t in the U.K. (London) Times

Even when a Dad finds out he is not the biological father, he’s forced to pay child support. Perhaps not anymore. Time

Serena Williams, unseeded and ranked 81st, heads into finals of the Australian Open to face Maria Sharapova. AP/Fox Sports Meanwhile Andy Roddick got slammed by Roger Federer in the semis. Here’s why. Sports Illustrated

President Bush defended his Iraq policy, got greener with gas consumption and proposed a tax break on health insurance. What do you think of those proposals? What did you think of the entire speech? Or did watch the rerun of Chappelle Show? Tell us at Joe.

We all know the tragic story of Darth Vader, but do you know about his brother Chad? Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager? Chad must keep the supermarket operational, use fear (not very well) to keep the associates in line and battle Clint, the manipulative Night Shift Manager. Here are Episode I and Episode II of the saga.


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