Thursday, January 18, 2007

Talkin' Tough

Iraqi PM Maliki says he will crackdown on sectarian violence and U.S. forces could begin going home in three to six months. Los Angeles Times Bipartisan Senate non-binding resolution opposes Bush’s troop increase. Washington Post

Last week, we linked to a story about the president asserting the government’s right to search your mail, now it seems the military and the CIA are searching financial records of U.S. citizens. New York Times National ID cards, DNA Database, black boxes tracking every car: Britain is ahead of the U.S. Independent But the Administration is reversing itself to allow the FISA court to have final approval in domestic wiretapping New York Times

Sunnis and Shias (not just in Iraq). Israelis and Palestinians.. And why the U.S. is must keep it all from blowing up.. More than it already has. BBC Is China a fifth wheel in the region? Economist

If oil prices are taking a dive, why are gas prices only making a slow descent. MSNBC

It should be easier to meet a single woman in the U.S., but they may want to stay single. Telegraph If you have trouble meeting a woman - we know you don’t, but if you did - get a female friend of your to smile at you. Australian

Muhammad Ali officially became a senior citizen on Wednesday. Remember hearing about how The Greatest used to sting like a bee? ..and not just in the ring? He wasn’t always the butterfly we see today. (London) Times

To show how well their blenders work Blendtec has a bunch of videos of showing various items being crunched and ground up: ice, food, golf clubs, lightbulbs, pigs feet. Yes, pigs feet. People actually eat them, or in this case, drink them.


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