Monday, January 29, 2007

A Violent Weekend

At least 300 members of a muslim cult were reportedly killed in Najaf, Iraq in a long battle with U.S. and Iraqi forces. Reuters Three are killed in Israel after the first suicide bombing there since April. Haaretz

Iranian ambassador to Baghdad says his country will expand its role in Iraq. New York Times

We have 10 years to make a change in the environment. The Australian The U.S. plan to stop global warming? Giant space mirrors. Sydney Morning Herald

In relations to the U.S., is Hugo Chavez the new Castro? New York Times Magazine

Was the response to 9/11 an overreaction? Los Angeles Times

The heat is on the CNBC Money Honey (by the way, that moniker is trademarked) because of her relationship with a former Citigroup boss. Newsweek

An iguana in Belgium kept it up for a week. So, it’s getting cut off (ouch!), but he does have a second chance. The Australian

What Do You Think? Tiger Woods just won his seventh straight PGA Tour victory. Roger Federer didn’t drop a set in the Aussie Open: his third straight Grand Slam title. ESPN puts them head-to-head to see who is the more dominant performer. Take a look, and then tell us what you think at Joe.

To 6-foot-3 Arizona Cardinal Adrian Wilson, jumping over a 66 inch-high bar isn’t a tall order.


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