Thursday, February 01, 2007

Information Sharing

Sorry for the delay posting today's Joe.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the Justice department will cooperate with Congress and turn over documents on the domestic spying program. Los Angeles Times Members of the European Parliament are concerned about financial info on European air-travelers being given to the U.S. BBC

Bush signed an executive order giving the White House more power to make rules regulating industries. New York Times Scientists testified they were pressured by the White House to change what they say about global warming to fit Administration skepticism on the issue. Reuters

Losing control of Congress to Democrats. Dwindling support for Iraq. There is finally some good news for Bush: “The economy’s in good shape.” Washington Post

An alleged plot in the U.K. to kidnap, torture and behead on film - called “Iraqi-style” - a British Muslim soldier was foiled. Telegraph

Longing for an afternoon siesta at the office? It could soon be mandatory in France. (London) Times

In Sunday’s Super Bowl, one injured star people are worried about is the artist formerly and currently known as Prince. His royal badness has a bad hip, and there’s concern about how funky he’ll be during the halftime show. ESPN

Sen. Joe Biden didn’t have a good first official day of his presidential campaign. Last night, he talked to Jon Stewart about it.


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