Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot In Here

World’s top scientists say it’s 90% certain that humans are the cause for climate change. BBC Here’s what could happen. New York Times Big four carbon emitters aren’t stepping up. Reuters What’s up with ethanol? U.S. News

George the Decider says he will determine troop levels in Iraq. Congressional Democrats says it can cut funding for troops. Which is it? New York Times Magazine The Dems can’t even agree on how they would end the war. Washington Post Bush’s budget asks more money for wars, less for domestic programs. Reuters

Massive culling of birds in Britain due to a bird flu outbreak. The disease is there to stay. Telegraph

Flooding in Indonesia has left 25 dead, forced an estimated third of a million to flee their homes and at least 40% of the capitol Jakarta underwater. BBC

Ten reasons why Indianapolis won the Super Bowl. Sports Illustrated

What Do You Think? The Colts won the Big Game, but who won the other competition last night:best commercial. The contest-winning Doritos ad. Oprah-Dave promo. Coke-meets-Grand Theft Auto. K-Fed’s attempt to hold on to his last seconds of fame. Any of the numerous Bud ads. Which ones are you still talking about today? Talk about them with us at Joe.

Chief Brody and Matt Hooper didn't fit in the beach town of Amity Island, but it took a shark- a BIG shark - to bring them together.


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