Thursday, March 29, 2007

UK Hostages On Video

Iran releases a letter said to be written by the captured female sailor and a video in which she said the sailors were in Iranian waters. There’s no way to know if she was coerced into speaking. The letter’s included here. Guardian Here are video clips of her and the other captives: CNN (video) Britain says it has evidence showing the marines and sailors weren’t in Iranian waters. BBC ..And steps up the pressure on Iran. Telegraph

We’ll know soon if funding for the Iraq war will be cut. If it is, the effects won’t be felt for several months. Los Angeles Times

If you have the name that even resembles a name or alias of a terrorism suspect, you could be on a list available online that private businesses who can decide whether or not they want to deny you business. Washington Post

Ninety years ago on April 6, the U.S. entered World War I. One of the last four surviving U.S. veterans of “the war to end all wars” talks about serving. Many of the issues of in the world today can be traced back to WWI. USA Today

Certain people can carry a gun in the U.S. Capitol, but they can’t carry it to the Capitol. Besides offering insight on why nothing gets done Washington, do congressmen and senators need to be packing heat? Washington Post

What you drink and your health. New York Times

Shed pounds. Watch porn.. Panda porn. Just another day in life of a panda getting ready to mate. AP/The Australian

JibJab’s new video breaks down breaking news, runaway broncos, President Bush and “Brit’s putty-tat.” It’s what they call The News.

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