Monday, April 23, 2007

After The VA Tech Massacre..

The issue isn’t better campus security. It’s gun control, and that’s the debate that’s not happening. Economist Americans are divided by race, gender and political party over gun control according to a new poll. AP/MSNBC Vigil bulimics: The Daily Truth/(Melbourne) Age

The Food and Drug Administration knew about problems at the places where the recent peanut butter and spinach contaminations occurred. Critics say those problems show “the agency is incapable of adequately protecting the safety of the food supply.” Washington Post

A major breach in security at the Los Alamos nuclear lab by someone who had a history of drug use and a meth lab in their trailer. Time

Why do straight people “hate gay people so much?” Los Angeles Times

Fruit is good. If you add alcohol, it’s better. Reuters

You ever noticed it’s hard being Harrison Ford’s wife and family in his movies?

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