Monday, April 09, 2007

The Future Of Mother Nature

Another Climate Change report is out with a grim picture of the future. BBC Since countries like the U.S. and China refused to allow some portions not to be printed in the final report, here’s what didn’t get in. Washington Post How climate change will affect areas around the world. BBC Is nuclear energy the way to go? 60 Minutes (video)

Speaking of nuclear.. Iran is supposed to have “good nuclear news” today. Good for whom? AFP/France 24

The British sailors and marines who were held in Iran are allowed to sell their stories to the press. And a lot of people are pissed off about it. Telegraph After being held captive for 13 days, what do you get in an Iranian “goody bag?” Sky

What life will be like in 35 years.. And it’s not all the cool stuff you usually hear in stories like this. Guardian

Think there are lower airfares than the ones on Expedia and Orbitz? Or trying to find a flight that isn’t delayed all the time? Check this out: New York Times

What’s more painful? This guy being so broken up about his ex that he breaks glass on his back and chest? Or how supportive his current wife is?

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