Monday, April 30, 2007


Five men were found guilty of plotting to use fertilizer to cause a series of explosions in Britain. Telegraph One of the men had links to the 7/7 bombers who killed 52 people in 2005. That link was known before those attacks. ITV

Former spy chief George Tenet defends his role in the lead up to 9/11 and the Iraq invasion. He also chats about enhanced interrogation techniques (um.. Torture?) and the “slam dunk” remark. 60 Minutes (video) Six former CIA officials say Tenet was ”the Alberto Gonzales of the intelligence community.” As head of the CIA they say Tenet was “a grotesque mixture of incompetence and sycophancy shielded by a genial personality." Ouch! CNN

Protesters rally for secularism in Turkey as the military hints at a coup if an candidate with an Islamist past is elected president. (London) Times

Iran will attend a regional meeting this week on creating stability in Iraq. It could lead to a high level one-on-one chit-chat between the U.S. and Iran. Reuters

Still doing a heckuva job. $854 million in foreign assistance was offered to the U.S. after Katrina. Twenty months later, only $40 million has been used. MSNBC (video)

Celebrities come out to raise awareness about the genocide Darfur. AFP/France 24

Hate tying that half-Windsor every morning? A frou-frou group in Hong Kong is promoting the Mandarin collar that doesn’t need a tie. Reuters (video)

Here’s what happens when a Gap parody for Mom and Dad goes wrong. What the hell is a “boyfriend trouser” anyway?

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