Monday, April 02, 2007

Moving Toward Peace

Israeli PM calls for a regional summit after Saudi leaders urge Israel to accept a 2002 peace deal. BBC

The latest on the British sailors and marines held in Iran after two more captives are put on Iranian TV. Telegraph

Both sides of the Iraq debate got very heated when talking about the spending bill for the war. Take a look and see how much Pork was attached to it. New York Times Not only that, but the corporate drug lobby had a huge amount of influence on Congress when it crafted the Medicare prescription drug bill. Not only have the drug companies profited, but so have several former Congressmen and staffers. 60 Minutes (video)

Climate Change affects poorer countries hardest. New York Times The night the lights went out in Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald

Who are you betting on? It’s Antigua and Barbuda vs. the U.S. in the legality of online gambling. Washington Post

The U.S. “has proved to be the single greatest collective human achievement of the past four centuries.” But.. Guardian

A genetic link has been found to prostate cancer. Reuters

There is a plan in play to move some events in the 2012 Olympics from London to Paris. Telegraph

This isn’t one of those “aww, that’s so cute” animal stories. Check out these “freakishly large animals” including a pet roach. No kidding. His name is Cocky. Newsweek

If You See Something, Say Something. Thanks to Brendan for pointing out the article on Congressional Pork. If you see an article you think should be posted in The Morning Joe, or you know a publication that has great content, give us a shout and tell us about it.


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