Thursday, April 05, 2007

Released, But..

What happened behind the scenes that led to the release of the 15 British held in Iran? There’s a lot of speculation, but here’s some of what went down. Guardian The “invisible men” who made it happen. Telegraph What the release indicates about the Iranian leadership. New York Times Here’s a timeline of the standoff: Financial Times

Why don’t they say anything? Why aren’t all of Zimbabwe’s neighbors shouting about the oppression happening in that country? Washington Post

It’s Ronald Reagan v. Bobby Kennedy in next year’s election. Time

DaimlerChrysler announces for the first time it is talking to buyers about selling off Chrysler. Reuters

It took Googlers more than a day to find a python at their New York office. It was there because of Google’s bring your pet to work policy. Sydney Morning Herald

Attending that morning meeting in San Antonio with that not-so-fresh-feeling because you don’t have miniature mouthwash, toothpaste or hair gel to bring on the flight? Here are some products that could help you out. New York Times

More than 400 victories, 200 players sent to the NFL.. But more than that, the legacy of Grambling State football coach Eddie Robinson. ESPN

Impressive. He has more balls than most bowlers.

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