Monday, May 07, 2007

Bon Jour

Who is the guy just elected president of France? France 24 (video)

Mental health and ethical issues plague U.S. Soldiers and Marines serving in Iraq. Example: "Less than half of Soldiers and Marines believed that non-combatants should be treated with dignity and respect." Washington Post

Why has the Bush Administration, and Condoleezza Rice in particular, been seemingly more diplomatic lately? Newsweek

The situation in Zimbabwe seems to be resolved: The oppressive Robert Mugabe will remain in power until 2013! (London) Times

Israelis are saying it’s time for their PM to go. So, why is Olmert sticking around? Time

They may not merge, but Microsoft and Yahoo could hook up in a few different ways. Wall Street Journal

Balls: Astronaut Wally Schirra told his boss “Go to Hell!” and blasted off sitting atop three different spaceships. Have you done either? Time

This clip starts off as yet another Mac/PC parody, but turns into Spider-Man and Batman finding out they have a lot in common.

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