Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Date Is Off

Dems back off on a date to withdraw from Iraq, but they - and some Republicans - still want some conditions for war funding. Washington Post It’s al-Qaeda again? Washington Post Take a look at another effort by King George to execute warrantless searches. New York Times

7/7 bombing victims call for an inquiry on how MI-5 missed the bombers. After the attack investigators said the suicide bombers were “clean skins” - unknown to MI-5. (London) Times Police were pursuing the 7/7 leader five months before the attacks. Guardian

What’s going on with the secularists in Turkey? BBC

Arrests warrants have been issued by the International Criminal Court for a Sudanese minister and a militia leader for war crimes in Darfur. Let’s see if this warrant has teeth and the men are arrested. AP/The Australian

Do you bank with JP Morgan-Chase? According to this video, they don’t dispose of their customer information properly. CNN Money

That contaminant that got into your pet’s food may have also gotten into YOUR food. Reuters (video)

Why did NASA refuse a partnership with Russia on the second Moon shot? Telegraph Meanwhile, be healthy on your trip to Mars or you might get voted off the spaceship. AP/CNN

How much do countries give in aid. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. It depends on how you count it. Economist

Enjoy a few pints beer over the course of the week? It could make your brain smaller. (Melbourne) Age But making that pint could be good for the environment. BBC

The big De La Hoya-Mayweather fight is on Saturday night. And it will continue on Sunday, and Monday..

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