Monday, May 14, 2007

The Search Continues..

The search continues for three missing U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Al-Qaeda claims it is holding them. MSNBC

Robert Mugabe can barely sustain his own brutal dictatorship, let alone any type of development. But oddly enough, Zimbabwe elected was chosen to head the U.N. commission of Sustainable Development. Reuters

Careful, there’s another risk in “going down.” Time

Going green is great. But as with anything, there are consequences. ABC

It’s one thing to have your customer service rep live in Bangalore or Mumbai. It’s another to have your news reporter live there when their beat is the Pasadena, CA City Council. Los Angeles Times

Equity group buys Chrysler. Financial Times

The price of stamps went up 16 months ago. The price goes up again today. And now there are “forever stamps.” AP/MSNBC

It’s always better when other people have friends like these, and you’re just a spectator.

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