Monday, July 23, 2007

Elections In Turkey

“Democracy has passed a very important test.” Secular Turkey votes to have its current governing party - with Islamist roots - remain in power. BBC

Check out these two lead paragraphs about Bush’s Executive Order on how the C.I.A. can handle detainees suspected of terrorism. They sound like they’re about different stories. BBC New York Times The U.S. must reveal information about prisoners at Gitmo. New York Times It’s the foreign policy, stupid. Washington Post

China has its own “war on terror.” It’s brutal. (London) Times Al-Qaeda’s brutality in Iraq has one unintended consequence: It’s own members are becoming informants for U.S. forces. (London) Times

Maybe someone’s devoutly religious. Maybe they picked up some duty-free whiskey at the terminal before your flight. Whatever the case, Homeland Security will know about it - and keep the information for 15 years - when passengers fly to the U.S. Guardian

Identity thieves are looking at your Facebook and MySpace pages. BBC

Background on the NBA referee scandal.. And the referee himself. Sports Illustrated

Do you live in Richistan? Probably not. Guardian If you do, you could probably afford the world’s most expensive prosti- um, escort - pictured here: Esquire

This preacher really knocks ‘em out. Check out the big guy who said, “Hit me two times!!”

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