Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Anniversary And A Party

It’s been one year since the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. There was a ceremony for the slain journalist and critic of Vladimir Putin’s government where she was murdered in Moscow, but there were also celebrations in Russia on Sunday. Why? President Putin celebrating his birthday on Sunday, too.

In addition to reporting on the memorial, Reuters also covered one of the Putin parties thrown by Nashi which is described as “the largest pro-Kremlin youth organization.” Pro-Kremlin youth organization?? Hmm.. is that the equivalent of a young Republicans or young Democrats club?

A 19-year-old kickin’ it Kremlin-style, “who described herself as a commissar with Nashi and wore an orange neck scarf, reminiscent of the Soviet-era Pioneer movement.” Said this: “I don't know anything about Anna Politkovskaya. I'm not interested.”

That's cold.



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