Monday, June 23, 2008

Headlines For 6-23-08

Zimbabwe opposition party leader pulled out of runoff election Sunday. Morgan Tsvangirai said, "We will no longer participate in this violent, illegitimate sham of an election process." That means Robert Mugabe’s violence and intimidation have won again and he is still in power. Mail & Guardian The U.S. says it will bring up the issue at the U.N. Security Council this week. AFP/The Australian Here are the allegations of intimidation and violence. BBC

The Saudi King confirmed his country would increase oil output. His announcement comes as the price of gas in the U.S. reaches almost $4.10 per gallon. CNN

Iraq will turn into another Vietnam. It’s a “false comfort of appeasement” if we negotiate with Iran. Neither statement accurately reflects what happened with Germany or Vietnam. Newsweek

Comedian George Carlin dies at 71. Reuters

What’s your life worth? One guy in Australia put his up for auction. Guardian

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