Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Morning Joe Is Brewing

Summer is officially over. Which means, for one, politicians are going on TV and getting in your face to get your vote. And according to polls, you’re very unhappy with our elected officials. Because of the economy, the handling of Katrina and the war in Iraq, Republicans are in trouble.

And the biggest news of the day: The Morning Joe is back. Go to our website, click on comments and tell us what you think. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Joe.

Over 700 killed in Iraq last week. Los Angeles Times Bush to “repackage the war.” Time

Campaign season picks up. Republicans have reason to worry. Chicago Tribune

Former Iranian Prez on US Tour Washington Post He says US policies have increased extremism in Middle East. CNN

A teacher for a year. A CEO for a day. The pay is about the same. New York Times

Tiger Woods wins fifth straight PGA Tournament. The Tiger Tracker: Sports Illustrated

What Do You Think? With the midterm elections a couple of months away, you’ll be seeing poll after poll. Here’s one to get you going: A CNN poll says voters are more discontented and less likely to vote for an incumbent. True? Go to our site, click on comments and let us know.

You’re probably not desperate to watch her show, but you’re desperate to watch her: Eva Longoria in Maxim.


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