Thursday, November 30, 2006

Prepare For Departure.. Maybe.

The Iraq Study Group is said to recommend to U.S. troops in Iraq should withdraw soon. New York Times Bush says the U.S. will stay until the “job is complete.” BBC

And a leaked memo from the National Security advisor is believed to be the reason Bush’s initial meeting with the Iraqi PM was cancelled. Los Angeles Times. Here’s the memo: New York Times

Iran’s president has written a letter to you: the American people. MSNBC

Promises, Promises.. It hasn’t been a month since the election and the Democrats in Congress aren’t keeping their word. Washington Post

Another strange turn in the ex-KGB spy case: Radioactive material was found on two British Airways planes that made 220 flights. The airline is trying to contact 33,000 who may have had contact with it. Guardian

One more weekend of college football. Here are some Bowl predictions. ESPN Why do we have to wait another few weeks for those Bowl games? Sports Illustrated

A “pregnant” and stupid man. Mail & Guardian

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On Monday, NBC News said it will now call the conflict in Iraq a civil war. Jon Stewart says it’s a Lauer-certified Civil War.


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