Friday, November 03, 2006

Wanna build an atomic bomb. No problem, the U.S. Government has, or make that had, instructions on the web. NY Times

Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swagart… now the Rev. Ted Haggard. The popular televangelist resigned over gay sex allegations. Rocky Mountain News

Think again before you have that sushi or oysters. A group of scientists says there could be no more seafood by 2048. Guardian

Fmr. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has been moved to intensive care. He’s been in a coma since a massive stroke in January. Today his condition worsened. MSNBC

Why the War on Terror shouldn’t be called “The War on Terror” Los Angeles Times

Nice life: After getting fired from your long-time studio, just resurrect another. Showbiz is a risky business. Maybe we shouldn’t be so glib. CNNMoney

No. 5 Louisville beat No. 3 West Virginia last night. The Cardinals are within striking range of a national championship game. But they still have to get through next week’s game. AP/Sports Illustrated

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Yep… that’s a cheerleader
on live TV. Somehow we
don’t think this is going to
turn out well.

Watch here.


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