Thursday, December 21, 2006

His Own Way Forward

Bush has always said he would listen to the generals in Iraq and give them the troops they need. But there may be a rift between the administration and military with Bush sending more troops regardless of what the generals say. Washington Post If Bush doesn’t listen to the generals, will the media go back and report what he said? Columbia Journalism Review

For the first time Bush says the U.S. is not winning in Iraq, but “we’re not losing” either. Washington Post

Vice President Cheney will testify as a defense witness in the in CIA leak case. New York Times

If you’re related to an executive at Goldman Sachs, you’d better get a very good Christmas gift this year. CNBC

A blizzard hits Colorado closing Denver International Airport and canceling 1000 flights. AP/MSNBC Things are only a bit better at London’s Heathrow where hundreds of flights have been canceled due to freezing fog. Sky

The end of the year means lists. Here’s a list of 100 of the best websites. Guardian

And here’s a list of 23 things, other than a bigger flat screen, to ask for this Christmas. Men’s Health

Allen Iverson said he didn’t ask to be traded to Denver. ESPN (video)

Ahh, yes. The myth of topless beaches on foreign shores.. Be careful what you wish for.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Losing The Fight

Colin Powell says the U.S. is losing in Iraq and additional troops won’t help. Washington Post But President Bush may have already decided on sending more troops and ignored his buddy Blair. (London) Times

Another story of detainees in Iraq held for dubious reasons, without access to attorneys and treated inhumanely. This time, they’re Americans. New York Times

A botched lethal injection halts executions in Florida. It took 34 minutes for a prisoner to die and witnesses said he “grimaced, shuddered and gasped for air for more than 10 minutes.” South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The Episcopal rift just got bigger. Several major congregations voted to break away from Episcopal Church. The fight has been over belief. It could soon be over land and property. Washington Post

The grass is greener on the other side.. Of the law: Pot is the biggest cash crop in the U.S. Los Angeles Times

We didn’t see this story last week: A Texas lawmaker wants to make it legal for the blind to go hunting. And it’s expected to pass! Reuters

Saturday night’s fight at Madison Square Garden during a basketball game (ESPN Video) was a “model of stupidity” and an “embarrassment.” Sports Illustrated

What Do You Think? The sixth Rocky movie comes out this week. Yeah, we shook our heads, too. But the reviews aren’t bad. (Entertainment Weekly Hollywood Reporter) Would you see “Rocky Balboa”? If so, will you spend money at the theater, DVD, PPV or catch it on cable? Tell us at Joe.

Paperlilies is apparently big on YouTube, because a bunch of haters didn’t like her “Sarcastic” video. A lot of the comments she received were hardcore. She punched back by reading them. KO!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Decider Will Not Be Rushed

Bush says he’s “not going to be rushed” on making changes in Iraq. But several thousand more U.S. troops will sent there by early next year. MSNBC

This senator’s mystery illness could change the balance of power in the Senate. Washington Post

A source says the Saudi King “read riot act” to Darth.. um, VP Cheney about what will happen if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq: The Saudis will support the Sunnis. CNN But Saudis haven’t agreed on exactly how it’s going to work. New York Times

Russian security services are very influential in that country. A study says Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country’s former spy chief, has a hand in that. BBC

Be careful checking your email in an Internet café. You’re account could be kidnapped. (Melbourne) Age

Why haven’t the Sixers traded Allen Iverson yet? ESPN

Jack Bauer - yes, that Jack Bauer - tells Esquire what he’s learned.

What Do You Think? Winning or Losing? A poll out this week says a majority think the U.S. is losing the fight in Iraq (article, poll). Do you agree? We’ve heard what’s in the ISG report. What do you think needs to be done over there? Let us know at Joe.

Enter the Wu! The Wu-Tang Clan hasn’t had a hit record in a number of years. Maybe they need something to do. This guy gives several reasons why Wu-Tang and other rappers should go to Iraq.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Iraqi President Jalal Talabani rejects the Iraq Study Group report saying it is “very dangerous” for Iraq. Disagreement about the report in the region seems to fall along religious lines. MSNBC A poll shows a majority of Americans back the report. Newsweek But here’s an argument why Bush should reject the recommendations from the ISG. Economist

There are the front runners in the 2008 presidential election. And then there are the alternatives preparing their officially un-declared campaigns. The Anti-John McCain, Gov. Mitt Romney Bloomberg ..and the Anti-Hillary Clinton, Sen. Barak Obama (who made a stop in New Hampshire on Sunday). Washington Post

Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has died. Some people still think he was a good guy. Guardian

People have been talking about the results of inquest into Princess Diana’s death, but why was U.S. Intelligence listening to her phone on the night she died? Observer/Guardian

DHS Secretary Chertoff defends knowing too much information about you when you fly. Time

English-speakers “no longer own English.” (London) Times

The folks behind Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Mixed Martial Arts think their sport will soon knockout boxing in popularity. Check out this 60 Minutes clip and see what you think? Too bloody? Better than boxing? Let us know at The Joe.

This gem seems more Capt. Kirk than William Shatner “interpreting” an Elton John ditty at the 1978 Science Fiction Film awards. But at end, he really rocks it, man.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grave and Deteriorating

Grave and Deteriorating. That’s the headline from the Iraq Study Group Report. That panel says the situation requires a political solution and also suggests the US work with Iran. NY Times Pres. Bush discusses Iraq today with British PM Tony Blair. BBC News

Bush may announce a “new way forward” by the end of the year. CNN Excerpts from the report: Los Angeles Times

Run for the doctor. E. Coli outbreak at Taco Bell restaurants linked to onions. MSNBC

The San Francisco man who was lost in the Oregon wilderness has been found dead. James Kim was searching for help after his family became stranded. Associated Press

We vote them to Congress. We pay their salaries. They work for us. It’s about time they go to work five days a week. Washington Post

How that Chinese-made t-shirt or toy you just bought affects your mortgage. U.S. News & World Report

The BCS is set and college ball is done until the bowls. It’s time to focus on the NFL. Sports Illustrated

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To freshen the 50 year-old
movie about a is 3000 year-old
story, all you need is a modern
story line, Samuel L. Jackson
and a new trailer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Too Late

Too Late. Rumsfeld sent a memo to the White House saying changes were needed in Iraq. He sent it two days before he was fired. Washington Post Here’s the memo: New York Times

Hugo Chavez was re-elected for a third term as Venezuela’s president. He could be president for a long time. BBC

First you worried about your SAT score, then your credit score. Now, it’s your terror score. No, it’s not your ability to intimidate at the office. AP/CNN

Yes, these mysterious shootings and poisonings of high-profile Russians sounds like a Bond movie, but why could they be happening and what does it all mean? Time What’s going on in Russia? Newsweek

Pfizer stops trials on cholesterol drug after several deaths. $1billion was invested in the drug. Bloomberg

It’s his busiest time of year, and Santa can’t have a beer.. In Maine. Portland Press Herald

Final BCS standings: Sports Illustrated The bowls are set. Time for a road trip? ESPN

After seeing this, you may take notice of someone with a fly buzzing around their mouth.