Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Decider Will Not Be Rushed

Bush says he’s “not going to be rushed” on making changes in Iraq. But several thousand more U.S. troops will sent there by early next year. MSNBC

This senator’s mystery illness could change the balance of power in the Senate. Washington Post

A source says the Saudi King “read riot act” to Darth.. um, VP Cheney about what will happen if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq: The Saudis will support the Sunnis. CNN But Saudis haven’t agreed on exactly how it’s going to work. New York Times

Russian security services are very influential in that country. A study says Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country’s former spy chief, has a hand in that. BBC

Be careful checking your email in an Internet café. You’re account could be kidnapped. (Melbourne) Age

Why haven’t the Sixers traded Allen Iverson yet? ESPN

Jack Bauer - yes, that Jack Bauer - tells Esquire what he’s learned.

What Do You Think? Winning or Losing? A poll out this week says a majority think the U.S. is losing the fight in Iraq (article, poll). Do you agree? We’ve heard what’s in the ISG report. What do you think needs to be done over there? Let us know at Joe.

Enter the Wu! The Wu-Tang Clan hasn’t had a hit record in a number of years. Maybe they need something to do. This guy gives several reasons why Wu-Tang and other rappers should go to Iraq.


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