Monday, December 04, 2006

Too Late

Too Late. Rumsfeld sent a memo to the White House saying changes were needed in Iraq. He sent it two days before he was fired. Washington Post Here’s the memo: New York Times

Hugo Chavez was re-elected for a third term as Venezuela’s president. He could be president for a long time. BBC

First you worried about your SAT score, then your credit score. Now, it’s your terror score. No, it’s not your ability to intimidate at the office. AP/CNN

Yes, these mysterious shootings and poisonings of high-profile Russians sounds like a Bond movie, but why could they be happening and what does it all mean? Time What’s going on in Russia? Newsweek

Pfizer stops trials on cholesterol drug after several deaths. $1billion was invested in the drug. Bloomberg

It’s his busiest time of year, and Santa can’t have a beer.. In Maine. Portland Press Herald

Final BCS standings: Sports Illustrated The bowls are set. Time for a road trip? ESPN

After seeing this, you may take notice of someone with a fly buzzing around their mouth.


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