Monday, January 29, 2007

A Violent Weekend

At least 300 members of a muslim cult were reportedly killed in Najaf, Iraq in a long battle with U.S. and Iraqi forces. Reuters Three are killed in Israel after the first suicide bombing there since April. Haaretz

Iranian ambassador to Baghdad says his country will expand its role in Iraq. New York Times

We have 10 years to make a change in the environment. The Australian The U.S. plan to stop global warming? Giant space mirrors. Sydney Morning Herald

In relations to the U.S., is Hugo Chavez the new Castro? New York Times Magazine

Was the response to 9/11 an overreaction? Los Angeles Times

The heat is on the CNBC Money Honey (by the way, that moniker is trademarked) because of her relationship with a former Citigroup boss. Newsweek

An iguana in Belgium kept it up for a week. So, it’s getting cut off (ouch!), but he does have a second chance. The Australian

What Do You Think? Tiger Woods just won his seventh straight PGA Tour victory. Roger Federer didn’t drop a set in the Aussie Open: his third straight Grand Slam title. ESPN puts them head-to-head to see who is the more dominant performer. Take a look, and then tell us what you think at Joe.

To 6-foot-3 Arizona Cardinal Adrian Wilson, jumping over a 66 inch-high bar isn’t a tall order.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


In his State of the Union Address, Bush asks Congress to give his Iraq plan a chance, for Americans to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years, and proposed a tax write-off for health insurance. Washington Post Here’s the text and audio commentary: New York Times

The troop surge in Iraq proposed by Bush has already begun, but a Senate committee passed a non-binding resolution to oppose it. Some republicans who voted against resolution are still uneasy about the troop increase. Washington Post

Last summer, a Russian man was arrested in the Republic of Georgia trying to sell a bag of weapons-grade uranium. The Russian authorities are resistant to help in the investigation. CNN

In a 25-country poll, nearly half don’t like America’s role in the world. BBC.

Putting Tony Blair in an awkward position, Britain’s senior prosecutor says the war on terror isn’t in the U.K. (London) Times

Even when a Dad finds out he is not the biological father, he’s forced to pay child support. Perhaps not anymore. Time

Serena Williams, unseeded and ranked 81st, heads into finals of the Australian Open to face Maria Sharapova. AP/Fox Sports Meanwhile Andy Roddick got slammed by Roger Federer in the semis. Here’s why. Sports Illustrated

President Bush defended his Iraq policy, got greener with gas consumption and proposed a tax break on health insurance. What do you think of those proposals? What did you think of the entire speech? Or did watch the rerun of Chappelle Show? Tell us at Joe.

We all know the tragic story of Darth Vader, but do you know about his brother Chad? Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager? Chad must keep the supermarket operational, use fear (not very well) to keep the associates in line and battle Clint, the manipulative Night Shift Manager. Here are Episode I and Episode II of the saga.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ambush in Disguise

Insurgents disguised as U.S. personnel rushed a military compound and killed five troops. Washington Post Two bombs kill dozens in Baghdad AP/Yahoo

China tested a missile that can knock out satellites. New York Times The West is naturally concerned about the test. Guardian China’s military buildup. BBC The U.S. isn’t changing their space weapons policy. That could be why the Chinese tested their missile.

Obama set up an exploratory last week. Clinton, Brownback and Richardson did the same this weekend. But the Democrats’ Chosen One is no longer assured to win the candidacy. New York Times

What the “hell” is wrong with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez? Reuters

A man in PA learned you need to be careful what you write in letters to the editor. AP

Think junk mail is a load of rubbish? Want to protect your credit? New York Times

Remember the Rubik’s Cube? Could you ever figure it out? Now you can…

It’s the Bears and Colts in Super Bowl XLI. The Colts are favored by the experts.. in Vegas. AP/Sports Illustrated Want to jet down to Miami that weekend to catch The Big Game, or a Heat game? ..or just chill out on the beach? ESPN

There are Vulcans in the White House.
No, there are Klingons in the White House!
NO, there are faux-Klingons in the White
House!! Really.. this congressman said so
on the House floor. Maybe our
Representatives should get to work and
stop watching Star Trek reruns.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Talkin' Tough

Iraqi PM Maliki says he will crackdown on sectarian violence and U.S. forces could begin going home in three to six months. Los Angeles Times Bipartisan Senate non-binding resolution opposes Bush’s troop increase. Washington Post

Last week, we linked to a story about the president asserting the government’s right to search your mail, now it seems the military and the CIA are searching financial records of U.S. citizens. New York Times National ID cards, DNA Database, black boxes tracking every car: Britain is ahead of the U.S. Independent But the Administration is reversing itself to allow the FISA court to have final approval in domestic wiretapping New York Times

Sunnis and Shias (not just in Iraq). Israelis and Palestinians.. And why the U.S. is must keep it all from blowing up.. More than it already has. BBC Is China a fifth wheel in the region? Economist

If oil prices are taking a dive, why are gas prices only making a slow descent. MSNBC

It should be easier to meet a single woman in the U.S., but they may want to stay single. Telegraph If you have trouble meeting a woman - we know you don’t, but if you did - get a female friend of your to smile at you. Australian

Muhammad Ali officially became a senior citizen on Wednesday. Remember hearing about how The Greatest used to sting like a bee? ..and not just in the ring? He wasn’t always the butterfly we see today. (London) Times

To show how well their blenders work Blendtec has a bunch of videos of showing various items being crunched and ground up: ice, food, golf clubs, lightbulbs, pigs feet. Yes, pigs feet. People actually eat them, or in this case, drink them.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

"New Strategy"

Bush adds more than 20,000 more troops to Iraq but U.S. commitment there is “not open-ended.” New York Times “Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me.” Text of the speech: Los Angeles Times The response from Dems on The Hill. CNN While the U.S. stands up even more, the British will stand down by 40% in May. Telegraph
Questions about whether a 1998 Embassy bombing suspect was killed in U.S. airstrikes in Somalia this week. CNN Why has the U.S. been suddenly hitting Somalia? Time

Closer to “reality” and hopefully peace: Hamas leader acknowledges Israel, but.. Reuters

The warm winter weather has a benefit: The price of oil hits a two-year low. Bloomberg

Here it is: The Apple iPhone (with some video). CNET This writer got his hands on it for an hour. New York Times

Everyone has talked about whether or not McGwire should get into the Baseball Hall of Fame, except him. Sports Illustrated

Adios Madrid, Hello L.A.? Looking more like Beckham may be leaving Madrid.. And maybe headed to Hollywood. Los Angeles Times

Thought about selling your own brand of condoms? Only if you’re a P.I.M.P. Guardian

It’s been hard to miss the frenzy over Apple’s iPhone over the last few days (we’re not helping). Granted, it’s not even out yet, but do you like it? Are you dying to get your fingerprints all over one of those touchscreens? Tell us at Joe.

The Joe likes to inform and educate. So, here’s a lecture on the history and usage of a certain four-letter word. If you think your boss won’t like it, turn down your volume. Or fu*k it, turn it up!

Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Year, A New Plan

New Year, New Plan for Iraq. Bush is expected to talk about his plan for Iraq this week. New York Times New House Speaker Pelosi says Congress will give the “harshest scrutiny” to more funds for more troops. Bloomberg

Israel has plans to hit Iranian nuclear sites with bunker-busting nukes. Sunday Times Israeli officials deny the report. Haaretz

Power grab on mail bags. Bush signing statement “makes clear” the government’s right to open your mail, says the White House. MSNBC

If you plan on visiting the U.S., prepare your ten digits for scanning upon arrival. Guardian

Verizon and AT&T are “wireless at heart,” but check out how getting more corporate accounts will make your business life “easier” ..and always keep you connected to the office. CNNMoney

“DO NOT put any person in this washer” and other winners for the “wackiest” - and most paranoid - warning labels. BBC

After the Cowboys’ loss on Saturday, what happens to Parcells and Owens? ESPN

WHAT DO YOU THINK? U.S. Weather records were shattered over the weekend. But the warm weather comes at a cost… especially for the ski industry. Tell Joe your opinion: Is it Global Warming, and do you like it?

You’d think several
serial killers, undead
creatures and a Sith Lord
would have a miserable
Christmas, but even
these bad guys get into
the holiday spirit.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gallows Video

Iraqi authorities are pursuing the person who took the mobile phone video of Saddam’s execution. BBC White House is mum on the way the hanging was carried out. New York Times Was his trip to the gallows dignified? Guardian

Looks like Bush has decided to push up troop numbers in Iraq. MSNBC

The Democrats take control of Congress today. The “culture of corruption” helped Dems take back control of the House. Can new Speaker Nancy Pelosi keep her promise of making it the “most ethical Congress ever”? Washington Post

Negroponte leaves top spy post where he coordinated 16 intelligence agencies. MSNBC

There’s still time to get your commercial in during the Super Bowl. All you need to do is fork over a couple o’ million. CNNMoney

Dear Britney: “Paris Hilton is a natural [at partying] and you just can not keep up.. you should stick to your own kind like Tara Reid.” Los Angeles Times

What Do You Think? Will you watch? Most - if not all - broadcast networks didn’t show the trap door open beneath the Saddam. It’s right here on YouTube (no surprise). Just a click away. So, will you watch? Why? If not, tell us that too.

As you surely know, the Godfather of Soul died on Christmas day. If you only know “I Feel Good” and “Living in America,” then start this morning off on the good foot by checking this out.