Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do We Believe Them? (Part 2)

Do We Believe Them? (Part 2) Bush says it’s “preposterous” that the Administration would make up the story that Iran is giving weapons to Iraqi insurgents. He added he’s not looking for a pretext for war. Then why does it feel like it’s 2003 and we’re talking about Saddam? Washington Post

A “first step” was reached to dismantle the North Korean nuclear program. BBC Why a deal now with a member of the Axis of Evil? Newsweek What does this mean for the nuke standoff with Iran? Los Angeles Times

Russia, China, Indian chat about making a more “democratic ‘multipolar world.’” (London) Times

New Yorkers and Californians are most likely to be the victims of identity theft. Reuters

DaimlerChrysler cuts 13,000 Chrysler jobs, and could be cutting the entire Chrysler unit. CNBC

Iverson joins Kidd, Nash and others who are out injured for this weekend’s All-Star game because of an injury. Here’s the line-up.. As long as no one else has an injury. ESPN

Beyonce in swimsuits.

Models in Swimsuits.

It’s all in the

2007 Sports Illustrated

Swimsuit Issue.

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