Thursday, February 22, 2007

Movin' Out

The UK will withdraw about 1600 of its 7100 troops out of Iraq. Blair’s statement in the House of Commons: Guardian The Bush Administration said it’s a good thing. AP/USA Today The pullout means more politically than it does on the ground. Economist

Beyond the revelation that the U.S. and Iran are “natural allies,” here’s a very interesting and hopeful interview with a senior Iranian official: CNN Meanwhile, an International Atomic Energy Agency report to be released today is expected to say Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment program. Reuters

That baby born at only 22 weeks went home on Wednesday. Not to be cold-hearted, but this writer asks if the baby should have been kept alive: Guardian

Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe tNurned 83 on Wednesday and will celebrate with a lavish party on Saturday. Why is that significant? With inflation at 1600%, impoverished Zimbabweans literally can’t find a loaf of bread on store shelves. New York Times

The E.U. wants to say, “We know who you are and we know what you did,” on your mobile and on the Internet. New York Times

Sirriusly, what does the satellite radio XMerger XMean for listeners? AP/Yahoo

Is it looking like you’ll be spending every weekend at a wedding this spring? Here’s one couple’s solution: Reuters

In the latest parody of the PC vs. Mac ads, it’s Gates vs. Jobs, in which we learn Macs get you laid and the Commodore 64 is a dirty old computer.

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