Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can We Talk?

After resistance talking to Syria and Iran - a recommendation of the Iraq Study Group - the U.S. will talk to the two countries about Iraq. Washington Post This change of course, along with the change in policy over North Korea, isn’t a change that happened overnight. New York Times And now there are doubts about North Korea’s uranium enrichment program. Washington Post

Worldwide markets collectively freaked out on Tuesday when China’s stocks took a dip on Tuesday. Did the rest of the world overreact? Time Amidst its financial ascendance, China proclaimed socialism for another 100 years. Telegraph U.S. stocks to open today lower as Asian stocks have another tough day, but reports and deals could help keep U.S. number up. CNNMoney

McCain tells Letterman he’s officially in the race for president. Presumably, McCain didn’t announce on a news show because he’s already been running for months now. Late Show (video)

Do you have to practice what you preach? Especially if you’ve won an Oscar for your preachin’? Al Gore’s Tennessee home bill averages about $1200 a month. AP/Yahoo

One in four U.S. women age 14 - 59 have HPV, an STD that could lead to cervical cancer. Reuters

Japanese cars top the list of reliable rides according to a Consumer Reports survey. MSNBC Here are the picks: Consumer Reports

What Do You Think? Check this out: A man is suing his ex-fiancé because she won’t return the $48,000 engagement ring he bought her two years ago. No word about who broke it off, but does he have a right to ask for it back? Is an engagement ring given on the condition the couple walks down the aisle? Or once the rock is given, it’s hers even if they go splitsville. Let us know at Joe.

Feeling a little dirty? Being a little sinful? Look out for The Bible Thumpers! This God Squad is out to kick ass and save souls.

The Morning Joe will be taking a break on Monday, March 5. We’ll be posting again on Thursday, March 8. Have a good week!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way! The guy should cut his losses and take a hike!

March 01, 2007 11:16 PM  

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