Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Plan Of Their Own?

House Dems may agree on a plan for Iraq: $100 million in appropriation for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then out of Iraq by the end of ‘07. AP/Yahoo Problem: A general on the ground says the Bush-proposed troop build-up will need to last to February ‘08. New York Times U.S. Commander in Iraq says there’s no “military solution” to Iraq. You gotta start talking. Reuters

Now that the Libby trial is over, the question is: Will Bush pardon him? Washington Post

Why do people who criticize the Russian government end up shot or dead? Telegraph And why is Russia a deadly place for journalists? Guardian

For all the trouble starting Daylight Saving Time this weekend could cause - hopefully we wont’ be calling it Y2K7 - will we be saving any energy the proponents claim? Time

By 2010, you could be one of 32 million paying more taxes because of the AMT. CNN Money

It’s Go Time! 91-year-old man challenges 92-year-old Jack Lalanne to a boxing match. Don King will be asked if he’s interested in promoting it. Only in America. AP/Yahoo

Did your furry friend suddenly died? Or maybe you’re pooch likes leaving deposits on your rug? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a pet service like NetFlix so you always had a cool pet?

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