Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Showdown" ..Not Quite Yet

Everyone’s getting ready for what could happen between the White House and Congress after subpoenas were approved (but not issued) for Karl Rove and four other Administration officials to testify in front of a House committee. New York Times Executive Privilege: What is this privilege and how much of it can the chief executive use? Time

Escalating: An Angolan paramilitary force, feared for their brutality, has been dispatched to back up Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. (London) Times If you don’t know the background on Zimbabwe, here it is: BBC

i-TV: We were told that one day we would easily download movies and shows easily from the Internet and watch them on our TV. Apple wants us to think that day has arrived, as long as you download from the i-Tunes store. New York Times

Letterman regular Larry “Bud” Melman has died. AP/Yahoo

Here’s some advice: Don’t listen to athletes about drugs, cars, coffee makers or anything else outside the realm of their sport. Sports Illustrated

We’re not sure where you would hold a Jujitsu class, but look on the wall in the background and see where this Jujitsu Sensei is kicking the crap out of these people.

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