Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cold Climate

The G8 summit begins and the widening rift between Russia and the West, reminiscent of the Cold War, takes center stage.. Reuters ..Along with climate change. The U.S. has rejected a proposal on targets for cutting greenhouse gases. New York Times On climate change, Blair says it’s the G8.. Plus another 5. Guardian

Scientists say they have grown stem cells from skin cells. It could eliminate the use of embryos. Washington Post

“You can sleep when you’re dead.” Indeed. The zombie nation may already be upon us. Telegraph Already a zombie? How little sleep do you get?

There’s a bonus embedded on those i-Tunes digital downloads that don’t have copy protection: Your info. AP/CNN Now that you know this, will it stop you from buying those DRM-free songs?

Star Wars just celebrated its 30 Anniversary and Emperor Lucas unveiled his plans for the animated Clone Wars series, but what if there were to be an Episode VII? Here’s what it might look like.

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