Monday, June 11, 2007

Home Soon?

The troops will come home from Iraq - most of them anyway. A small force will remain there for a long time say Pentagon planners. Washington Post

G8 recap. Maybe that $60 billion commitment to fight AIDS in Africa and the other agreements made there aren’t as great as they sound. BBC Here are some examples of where they fell short: Telegraph Sure, the world leaders said they agreed on several things, but does there need to be a summit with these leaders? Time

Why is everything - EVERYTHING! - such a big secret? Washington Post

Can the rich get richer without the poor getting poorer? New York Times What do you think?

Tony, Carmela and AJ get their onion rings. That guy at the counter goes to bathroom. Meadow walks in. Tony looks up. And that’s it? The end of The Sopranos? Was it a winner or a loser?

Dropping some money when dropping an f–bomb is fine if the cash goes to the office swear jar.

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