Monday, June 18, 2007

Two-State Dilemma

With Hamas in control of Gaza and Fatah in control of the West Bank, are there two Palestinian states for the West to deal with? New York Times The U.S. plans to restore aid to Palestinians once Fatah has a new government without Hamas. BBC Why should we care about what happens in Gaza? Newsweek

Finally, some progress in Darfur. BBC

Go out on that limb. Five issues on which the candidates for president need to be courageous. Time On what issues should the candidates be courageous?

Want to play video games all day and get paid for it? They’re doing it in China. (Yes, it’s too good to be true.) New York Times (video)

Morgan Freeman, who just turned 70, began hitting the links later in life. Here’s what it taught him: Newsweek

Will Kobe stay or will he go? AP/MSNBC Here’s the post from his blog. What do you think?

This fight was on Mother’s Day. Did they even try to take a picture for Father’s Day?

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