Monday, July 09, 2007

Violent Weekend

A weekend of bombings in Iraq, including one truck bomb near Kirkuk that killed at least 150. Reuters (video) The Iraqi parliament can’t get it together - even reach quorum - to get anything done. ABC (video)

A case attempting to challenge the NSA wiretap program was dismissed by an appeals court. The program is so secret, no one could prove it’s damaging. The irony is “the program’s secrecy is proving to be its best legal protection.” New York Times

After the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, will the British Muslim community step up and communicate with police to expose other terror cells? Telegraph Britain needs more Muslim spies, says the country’s former domestic spy chief. (London) Times Scotland asks, “Why us?” New York Times

Brainwashed, 10-year-old, wannabe martyrs and President Musharraf’s shaky regime clash at the Red Mosque in Pakistan. (London) Times

Unemployment at over 80% and children living on the street. These photos show the “Secret Lives” of Zimbabwe. Guardian

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about private equity lately. What’s the deal? Economist

Cellphones are combining all kinds of functions these days. This one can be used for self-defense.

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