Thursday, September 07, 2006

The ball is in your court Congress…. That’s what Pres. Bush had to say as he announced that, yes, the CIA did run secret prisons. He charged Congress with deciding how to try the 14 terror suspects that were held. (They’re all at Guantanamo now.) Why did he make the announcement now? Oh yeah, it is an election year… how could we forget.

Today in Atlanta the president will again talk about the war on terror, a war in which he may lose an ally. British PM Tony Blair is expected to announce today he’s leaving office next year.


-Bush talks about the CIA detention program and terrorists on trial - New York Times CNN What’s going on at Gitmo - CNN Rules of interrogation - Washington Post

-Control of the Iraqi army has been turned over to the Iraqi Prime Minister. BBCNews

-Tony Blair is expected to announce when he’ll resign as British PM - Guardian Are Iraq & his support of Pres. Bush to blame? - CNN

-Marlin rookie throws first no-hitter in two seasons Miami Herald

-And, everyone’s favorite heir-head Paris Hilton was arrested overnight… another celeb, another DUI.


If you don’t follow golf, this may come as a surprise: There’s talk in the PGA about testing for performance-enhancing drugs. We’re not kidding (Los Angeles Times). Nothing seems imminent, but people at the PGA, the World Anti-Doping Agency and players Tiger Woods and Greg Norman are talking about it. If performance-enhancing drugs are a problem in golf, and it’s not clear that they are, should there be testing? Do you think some golfers are getting some chemical help on the course? Do you care? Let us know at Joe.

This investigative reporter in San Diego got beat up. And it was all caught on tape... as they say. That’s right, the cameraman kept rolling.


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