Thursday, November 30, 2006

Prepare For Departure.. Maybe.

The Iraq Study Group is said to recommend to U.S. troops in Iraq should withdraw soon. New York Times Bush says the U.S. will stay until the “job is complete.” BBC

And a leaked memo from the National Security advisor is believed to be the reason Bush’s initial meeting with the Iraqi PM was cancelled. Los Angeles Times. Here’s the memo: New York Times

Iran’s president has written a letter to you: the American people. MSNBC

Promises, Promises.. It hasn’t been a month since the election and the Democrats in Congress aren’t keeping their word. Washington Post

Another strange turn in the ex-KGB spy case: Radioactive material was found on two British Airways planes that made 220 flights. The airline is trying to contact 33,000 who may have had contact with it. Guardian

One more weekend of college football. Here are some Bowl predictions. ESPN Why do we have to wait another few weeks for those Bowl games? Sports Illustrated

A “pregnant” and stupid man. Mail & Guardian

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On Monday, NBC News said it will now call the conflict in Iraq a civil war. Jon Stewart says it’s a Lauer-certified Civil War.

Monday, November 27, 2006

While You Were Eating..

While you were eating your Thanksgiving feast, it was one of the worst few days of violence in Iraq since the war began. Mosques were attacked and people were reportedly set ablaze. CNN It’s not the first time we’ve heard this idea, but this writer thinks bringing back Saddam would be a good idea. Los Angeles Times

An intelligence report says the Iraqi insurgency gets somewhere between $70 million to $200 million in funds. New York Times

What the U.S. needs to learn about Lebanon. Time

The Pope goes to Turkey tomorrow on his first visit to a Muslim country after is controversial remarks about Islam. Angry protesters await him. (London) Times

That poisoned ex-KGB agent died on Thursday. Here are some theories on who may have done it. Telegraph His death further strains relations between Britain and Russia. Guardian

There’s anger at the NYPD over a shooting in which officers fired 50 rounds at three black men who turned out to be unarmed. The man who died was supposed to be married later that day. WABC-TV

The Secret Service protects the president, but can’t protect his daughter’s purse? The Australian

BCS standings after this weekend’s games. ESPN

If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch this. And you definitely don’t want to drink as much as this guy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

It seems everyone in Washington has a different idea about what to do about Iraq. Rep. Charles Rangel said he will push to reinstate the draft. Washington Post Sen. John McCain said more troops are needed but that they are “fighting and dying for a failed polic” Meanwhile, Henry Kissinger said a military victory isn’t possible Bloomberg And the Pentagon has some thoughts, too. Washington Post

Syrian’s foreign minister makes a rare trip to Iraq. He says the U.S. should have a timetable to exit. Washington Post

Palestinians have a new defense against Israeli air strikes: Human shields (CNN Video)

Even after a peace deal, the genocide - as the U.S. has declared it - continues in Darfur. BBC

In something out of a James Bond movie, an ex-KGB agent living in Britain was poisoned. Russian security services are suspected Guardian

It could be illegal to have an mp3 player in Oz. Sydney Morning Herald

Big Pimpin’ across the USA. MTV

What Do You Think? On Sunday, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel said he wants to reinstate the draft. He claims Congress wouldn’t have backed an invasion of Iraq so easily if there had been a draft, and to take on other threats (North Korea and Iran) the U.S. needs a bigger army. Is he right? Would Americans have been more reluctant to go into Iraq if every male 18-25 would have been eligible to go? Let us know at Joe.

We’re not sure what this commercial is for, but clearly using lizards to push a product isn't limited to the Geico gecko.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

U.S. military commander in the Middle East warns against a pullout from Iraq in the next six months and says adding more U.S. troops for the long-term isn’t possible. New York Times

State Dept. official says the U.S. won’t talk to Syria about Iraq, but could talk to Iran. Guardian Blair says Israeli-Palestinian peace is key to quelling violence in Iraq. BBC

Trent Lott returns to the Republican leadership in the Senate. He’s recently been a big critic of President Bush. Bloomberg

Delta and Atlanta weigh-in on US Airways’ hostile bid which would make the combined company America’s largest airline. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wide-body airliner: The latest iPod accessory. (Melbourne) Age

The PS3 goes on sale tomorrow in North America. They’re rare - only 400,000 were made - and they’re not cheap.. $600 “for the one you want.” But, it could be “the perfect computing system.” Newsweek You might have trouble playing some PS1 or PS2 games on the new system. BBC

Shake your martini and rack your Walther PPK. James Bond is back in theatres tomorrow. Here’s the trailer. This “James Blond” is actually getting good reviews. Entertainment Weekly But not everyone is impressed. (London) Times

What Do You Think? Are you over OJ Simpson? He’s not over himself. Before you head home for Thanksgiving, you can watch him tell “If I Did It, Here’s How It happened.” No joke. Are you going to check it out? Fox thinks it’s going to have a lot of viewers for the two-part interview. Why are people still fascinated by him? Let us know at Joe.

Beer ads are unbelievable. A party would never end - or begin - like this, especially after the way this guy clearly kicked ass at Karaoke. At least this beer ad admits it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

What a difference an election makes. The U.S. says it would consider working with Syria and Iran to stabilize Iraq. BBC With the Democrats’ winning control of both houses of Congress, troop reduction is on their wish list. New York Times

Bush will hear preliminary recommendations from the Iraq Study Group today. ABC (video) Who is this Iraq Study Group and are they going to have any good suggestions? Washington Post

Study shows jetlag can be fatal.. In elderly mice. They don’t know if rodent business class makes any difference. Economist

Lap dances have been banned in Vegas. We’re not kidding. We wonder if they’re going to ban gambling too. Los Angeles Times

Mets to say goodbye to Shea, say hello to CitiField.. And $20 million a year. New York Post

“Five Things We Learned This Weekend” in College Football. Sports Illustrated The BCS standings are out. Rutgers continues its surprise ascent. ESPN

The World’s smallest waist (15”). The most rattlesnakes held in a mouth (four). The longest Zorbing distance (huh?). Grab a pint and check out attempts to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A kick-ass election night for the Dems as they take back the House. The GOP’s losses force Bush to give Rumsfeld the boot. Los Angeles Times After six years of partisanship, how are these people going to work together? Washington Post Could be a two-fer: The AP is calling the Virginia senate race for Webb which would give the Democrats a majority in that chamber too. ABC What will happen to Bush’s foreign policy? BBC

Who is Rumsfeld’s successor? New York Times Wrap you brain around these Rumsfeld quotes: Reuters/New Zealand Herald

2006 is done. Get ready for 2008. Independent

After 18 Palestinian civilians die in Gaza, Hamas and Fatah are calling for revenge. Telegraph

For Halloween, some churches put on Hell Houses. It’s no fun house and actually pretty scary. Economist

It finally happened. The last refuge of peace and quiet is gone. (London) Times

Remember that night you decided everyone in the bar should see you backside? (You may not since you had five shots of Jager.) If you think there’s something embarrassing about you on the Internet, you can find and remove it. Sydney Morning Herald

NBA players will have to get used to new balls. Bloomberg

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Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert conceded victory to the Democrats and warned what a Democratic majority in the House would be like. He almost quit the show.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam was sentenced to the gallows and unleashed a tirade: probably the last of his greatest courtroom hits. Here’s what happened in the courtroom. (London) Times

A look at the competitive races in Tuesday’s election. It increasingly looks like the Democrats could take back both houses. Washington Post

Evangelist Ted Haggard confessed to being a “deceiver and a liar” and guilty of “sexual immorality,” but didn’t admit to any of the specific charges made by Mike Jones. One board member said Haggard is “out of touch with reality.” Colorado Springs Gazette

The good, the bad ..and the future? Trade talks between China and 48 African nations. (Johannesburg) Mail & Guardian

Lights out. Millions in Europe lost power over the weekend. BBC

There could be another leader in Latin America that the U.S. doesn’t like. Daniel Ortega - remember him? - is leading in the Nicaraguan presidential election. New York Times

You probably don’t know who the top finishers in the New York City Marathon are. But you probably know someone among the 37,000 who ran the city yesterday. Find out where they finished here.


New Brew Schedule. For the time being, we’ll be brewing The Morning Joe on Mondays and Thursdays. This will allow us to find more of sources of information, get better articles and video, and develop a better place to get your Joe.

This audition for 1987’s “Full Metal Jacket” made it to YouTube. Brian Atene was very serious as he gave advice to Kubrick and read from the Outsiders (“Greasers don’t cry!”). If you believe the second guy is Atene, he “auditioned” again 20 years later to mock himself.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wanna build an atomic bomb. No problem, the U.S. Government has, or make that had, instructions on the web. NY Times

Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swagart… now the Rev. Ted Haggard. The popular televangelist resigned over gay sex allegations. Rocky Mountain News

Think again before you have that sushi or oysters. A group of scientists says there could be no more seafood by 2048. Guardian

Fmr. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has been moved to intensive care. He’s been in a coma since a massive stroke in January. Today his condition worsened. MSNBC

Why the War on Terror shouldn’t be called “The War on Terror” Los Angeles Times

Nice life: After getting fired from your long-time studio, just resurrect another. Showbiz is a risky business. Maybe we shouldn’t be so glib. CNNMoney

No. 5 Louisville beat No. 3 West Virginia last night. The Cardinals are within striking range of a national championship game. But they still have to get through next week’s game. AP/Sports Illustrated

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Yep… that’s a cheerleader
on live TV. Somehow we
don’t think this is going to
turn out well.

Watch here.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

John Kerry officially apologized for his comments about education and Iraq. Boston Globe

Pres. Bush says VP Cheney and Def. Sec. Rumsfeld will stay through the end of his presidency. USA Today Bob Woodward says fmr. Chief of Staff Andy Card urged Bush to fire Rumsfeld. Washington Post

More than 70 workers at Paris CDG Airport are alleged to have ties to terrorists. Some are still allowed in “sensitive” areas. BBC

An deadly outbreak of toxic vodka in Russia. CNN (video)

Do you enjoy a glass or red wine? So do we, and now we can all feel better about it. The stuff may actually help you live longer. NY Times

A California sports agent is under arrest, accused of smuggling Cuban baseball players into the U.S. Miami Herald

Legendary Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach died over the weekend. Here’s what he learned to help him a record 16 NBA championships with the Celtics. Esquire

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Fellas…. Don’t answer the
phone while you’re working out.

You’ll see why in this video.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This guy just can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. It doesn’t matter what Sen. Kerry said, it matters how people perceive what he said. And, right now the GOP is dictating how we perceive Kerry’s comments about the military. AP We here at Joe want you to decide. Read Sen. Kerry’s comments. NY Times

NBC / Wall St. Journal Poll puts Dems ahead.

27 Killed, and 40 Shi’ites kidnapped in Iraq today. USA Today

Israel launched a new raid into Gaza, it’s being called “Major” BBC News

Police in California have arrested a “person of interest” in connection with a deadly wildfire. Fire officials say it’s arson, and murder… five firefighters have died. LA Times

A judge blocked a Pennsylvania towns anti-immigrants laws. CBS News But, local businesses are hurting… so is the damage may already done? WJLA-TV

Huge Halloween party goes frightfully wrong. Shots were fired. SF Chronicle

In New Orleans, the party doesn’t stop just because of a shooting. Associated Press

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