Monday, November 20, 2006

It seems everyone in Washington has a different idea about what to do about Iraq. Rep. Charles Rangel said he will push to reinstate the draft. Washington Post Sen. John McCain said more troops are needed but that they are “fighting and dying for a failed polic” Meanwhile, Henry Kissinger said a military victory isn’t possible Bloomberg And the Pentagon has some thoughts, too. Washington Post

Syrian’s foreign minister makes a rare trip to Iraq. He says the U.S. should have a timetable to exit. Washington Post

Palestinians have a new defense against Israeli air strikes: Human shields (CNN Video)

Even after a peace deal, the genocide - as the U.S. has declared it - continues in Darfur. BBC

In something out of a James Bond movie, an ex-KGB agent living in Britain was poisoned. Russian security services are suspected Guardian

It could be illegal to have an mp3 player in Oz. Sydney Morning Herald

Big Pimpin’ across the USA. MTV

What Do You Think? On Sunday, New York Congressman Charlie Rangel said he wants to reinstate the draft. He claims Congress wouldn’t have backed an invasion of Iraq so easily if there had been a draft, and to take on other threats (North Korea and Iran) the U.S. needs a bigger army. Is he right? Would Americans have been more reluctant to go into Iraq if every male 18-25 would have been eligible to go? Let us know at Joe.

We’re not sure what this commercial is for, but clearly using lizards to push a product isn't limited to the Geico gecko.


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