Monday, November 27, 2006

While You Were Eating..

While you were eating your Thanksgiving feast, it was one of the worst few days of violence in Iraq since the war began. Mosques were attacked and people were reportedly set ablaze. CNN It’s not the first time we’ve heard this idea, but this writer thinks bringing back Saddam would be a good idea. Los Angeles Times

An intelligence report says the Iraqi insurgency gets somewhere between $70 million to $200 million in funds. New York Times

What the U.S. needs to learn about Lebanon. Time

The Pope goes to Turkey tomorrow on his first visit to a Muslim country after is controversial remarks about Islam. Angry protesters await him. (London) Times

That poisoned ex-KGB agent died on Thursday. Here are some theories on who may have done it. Telegraph His death further strains relations between Britain and Russia. Guardian

There’s anger at the NYPD over a shooting in which officers fired 50 rounds at three black men who turned out to be unarmed. The man who died was supposed to be married later that day. WABC-TV

The Secret Service protects the president, but can’t protect his daughter’s purse? The Australian

BCS standings after this weekend’s games. ESPN

If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch this. And you definitely don’t want to drink as much as this guy.


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