Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years after 9/11. You’ve heard all the retrospectives and remembrances. But some facts remain: the trail to Bin Laden is apparently “stone cold,” many Americans don’t feel safer, and the country is still at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And life has changed in the United States. There is a new color coded system to alert the public to the latest threats. Armed police and military personnel stand guard in airports, train stations and even tourist destinations.

Politicians off all stripes say we’re safer today, but let’s hear what they say in in November.

Many sites have full coverage pages for the 9/11 Anniversary. Most have a variety of multimedia: New York Times MSNBC BBC Miami Herald Sydney Morning Herald

Bin Laden trail “stone cold” - Washington Post Maybe Pakistan holds the key - Times of India

Israeli PM agrees to meet with Palestinian President - The Independent

Tony Blair says Islamic extremism is a bigger threat than many realize - Haaretz

Are you feelin’ it? U.S. gas prices down 21 cents in 2 weeks - CNN Money


There are a ton of news retrospectives, documentaries, and docu-dramas about 9/11 that have been shown in the last week. Is this the right way to remember 9/11? Are you tired of reliving September 11, 2001 every year? Are there other way to honor and remember those who died on that day? Tell us your thoughts.
If you do want to remember the World Trade Center before 9/11, the New York Times has a photo essay that takes decades-long look at the iconic Twin Towers.


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