Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An attack on an US Embassy was thwarted today in Syria … just a day after President Bush addressed the nation. He talked about terrorism, security and the war in Iraq… calling it pivotal to the war on terror - despite the fact Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

Meanwhile, a British lawmaker said the UK shouldn’t be “slavish” in it’s relationship with the U.S. and says both countries’ view the war on terror in “unrealistic and simplistic” terms.

Monday Night Football moved to ESPN last night after being on ABC for 36 years. It was a double header.

Militants try to storm U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria - the attack was thwarted. MSNBC

Hamas, Palestinian Prez agree to form coalition government - Guardian Hopes that deal will lead to end of the West’s sanction - Telegraph

British conservative leader critical of US-UK policy BBC

Forget the electricity, running water and new hospitals... have a Coke and a smile. War-torn Afghanistan gets a Coca-Cola plant - BBC Interview with the Afghan President - Time

Prequel to the HP pretexting scandal: How it unfolded Newsweek

Tuesday morning quarterbacking on the double-header, and get this the Vikings won. The Chargers beat the Raiders.


Rumors abound that Apple will announce it’s going to start selling movies over i-Tunes. Another great advancement for Steve Jobs and Apple, or is it too much? This person argues that the i-Pod is so prevalent that it’s lost its cool. What do you think? Have the i-Pod and i-Tunes peaked? Let us know at Joe.

You’ve seen the Mac v. PC
commercials. Now it’s gaming’s
turn: PS3 v. Nintendo’s Wii.
You’re a playa. Which do you like?


Anonymous iPodder said...

Apple reduced the price for the 30gb iPod to $249, the cheapest ever for a full size gizmo. It's finally time to upgrade!

September 13, 2006 7:06 AM  

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