Thursday, October 26, 2006


Bush “not satisfied” with Iraq, but says, “we’re winning.” New York Times What about those “benchmarks” he was talking about? Washington Post

Shia, Sunni, al-Qaeda, insurgents, militia. Who is the “enemy” in Iraq? CNN (video)

New Jersey Supreme Court rules that same-sex couples are allowed the same rights as heterosexual married couples, but leaves open whether they can be married.” (Newark) Star-Ledger Is it Separate-but-Equal? Time

Sony says sorry. When a Mea Culpa helps, and when it’s hollow. Economist

Game 4 is rained out. Will it help the Cards? Fox Sports

See “Borat.” Even the Kazakhs like it. Well, this one does. (London) Times

What Do You Think? Now for the world’s biggest story: Madonna talked to Oprah. She believes the adoption controversy comes from the press “manipulating this information” out of the baby’s biological father. She also says the father is being “terrorized by the media.” So, is it the media’s fault? (We find it interesting Madonna has made a career out of manipulating the media.) Should she even be in Africa adopting a baby? What do you make of celebrities adopting Third World babies? Let us know at Joe.

Have you ever seen a cute girl eat a bug? You’ll never guess why she did it…. Watch here to find out why.


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