Friday, October 13, 2006

A United Nations draft resolution is calling for Non-military sanctions against North Korea after its alleged nuclear weapons test. Washington Post Meanwhile, the US is stepping up its propaganda war, releasing an eerie satellite photo of the Koreas. Daily Mail.

One guy under arrest in Britain admits he was planning to attack the UK and the US with a dirty bomb. BBC

Now speaking of the UK, its army chief says the country’s troops should leave Iraq. Daily Mail And its foreign secretary doesn’t have kinds words for Gitmo either. Telegraph

President Bush is standing by his man, or the Speaker at least. He made an appearance with Speaker of the House Hastert, despite controversy over the Foley scandal. Chicago Tribune
Foley’s former chief of staff testifies. AP/Miami Herald

The last, unfinished, article by the Russian journalist killed this week has been published. The Independent

One town in Idaho, yes, Idaho… is recommending residents pack heat. New York Times

What Do You Think? The UN is another step closer to a resolution after North Korea’s claim of a nuclear test. But there have been deals before with the country, and its leader Kim Jong-il has pressed on with a nuclear program. What’s a world to do? Will another UN resolution work? Is military action necessary? Is it possible? Let us know at Joe.

Winter’s here! Snow pounded the Great Lakes and western New York this week. If this reporter goes out to report in the snow again, she will certainly watch her back.


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