Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ABC News has obtained IMs that cast doubts on former Rep. Mark Foley’s claims he didn’t buy alcohol for minors . And why this scandal could end the Republicans’ rule in Congress.. Or the Democrats all together MSNBC

The Amish teacher who escaped this week’s shooting tells her story. Lancaster Online

North Korea’s Kim Jong-il is at it again. The country test-fired several missiles in July. Tuesday it warned it would test a nuclear bomb Time

People were celebrating the Dow Jones’ record high on Tuesday. Breakin’ it down: MSNBC

Secretary Rice’s Middle East tour Economist

We worried (for nothing) over Y2K. Now we can worry (for nothing?) over Y2038 (Melbourne) Age

Toyota’s on a roll. They’re outselling the US carmakers Bloomberg

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This Foley email scandal has legs as they say in the news business. It means the story is still moving forward. And, boy is it moving… more messages are being released, and now the Speaker of the House is fighting to save his job over whether he tried to cover the scandal up.

Tell us what you think… how many members of congress should lose their jobs over the scandal? Will it affect your vote?

There’s a reason why
firecrackers are banned
in many states: Your
buddies can get a hold
of them.


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