Monday, September 25, 2006

The National Intelligence Estimate - a report by the US’s 16 spy agencies - said the war in Iraq has made global terrorism worse Washington Post

There aren’t enough troops in Iraq. How that came to be. Time

Bush and Pakistan’s President Musharraf talked to the media on Friday about not threatening one another and not making deals with the Taliban. But Musharraf couldn’t answer all the questions because of his publishing deal - CNN Musharaff on the threat to be bombed back to “the stone age” if Pakistan didn't help America after 9/11 - 60 Minutes

Despite the rumors, it appears bin Laden is still alive Time - Bill Clinton gets heated talking about his efforts to get the guy FOX News

“El Diablo” is in the details: Why Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez shot his mouth of last week in New York Telegraph

Pope meets Muslim diplomats … can he calms the fire over his comments BBC News

“Hut, Hut … What?” The NFL is considering putting wireless communicators in players helmets New York Times

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Last week Virginia Sen. George Allen admitted his family secret that mother was raised Jewish. Newsweek called it an “awkward outing.” In 2006, should this even matter? Does his reaction to it matter more than how the public reacts? What is this going to do to his re-election senate bid (he’s neck-and-neck with his opponent)? Tell us what you think?

Sure, Middle School science
class is fun… you learn how
to make some things blow up.
These guys should’ve skipped
that class … for their own good.


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