Monday, September 18, 2006

As world leaders converge on the United Nations this week, political and popular pressure builds on the Sudan to allow a UN force into the country.

And, they’re going to need a skilled choreographer at the UN, as both President Bush and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be in attendance. The White House says the men won’t meet, and their staffs won’t talk either. Sounds like that diplomatic end to the Iranian nuke program is going swimmingly.

Pope Benedict XVI offered a Mea Culpa on Sunday for remarks he made earlier in the week about Islam. Not everyone was satisfied. And the killing of a nun in Somalia could be linked to anger over his remarks.

Pope apologizes for statements about Islam, but it’s not enough for some. BBC

More people sick from e-coli after eating spinach. AP/MSNBC

An estimated 200,000 dead and 2 million displaced in Darfur: Worldwide rallies and political pressure on Sudan. CNN (video)

Warner, Graham McCain: The three Republicans who put the brakes on Bush’s detainee bill New York Times

From the “we couldn’t make this up” file: Man in China got a penis transplant, but rejected the organ.. For psychological reasons. Guardian

T-O breaks finger in game against Redskins. He’ll miss two to four weeks. ESPN



The number of people now infected with E.coli is up to 109, and a second company has been linked to the contaminated veggie.

So, tell us… Will you eat spinach again? (Did you eat any already?) Did you have to trash any spinach in your fridge?

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Scarlett Johannsen

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