Thursday, September 14, 2006

One woman is dead and 19 are injured after a shooting rampage at Dawson College in Montreal. The suspected gunman was killed by police.

A wildfire in Montana doubled in size Wednesday forcing hundreds of evacuations. Even some celebs have had to go.

Republicans in two Congressional committees back Bush on two major bills. Warrantless wiretapping in the Senate and military tribunals for terrorists in the House.

You high-rollin’ investment bankers and lawyers may have to find a new “black car.” Ford is closing the plant that makes the Lincoln Town Car. It’s unclear if they’re going to be making the Wall Street car of choice at another plant.

Montreal shooting rampage CBC

Bush makes progress on two terror bills Washington Post

NATO says no to more troops in Afghanistan Telegraph

Former TX Governor Ann Richards Dies AP/New York Times

Black Car’s future on Wall Street uncertain Bloomberg

NFL Coaches: “The Hardest-Working Men in Human History”? Slate


The new season of Survivor debuts tonight on CBS. This time the teams are divided by race. Teams of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians will compete against each other. When the news broke a few weeks ago people were obviously upset. Is this a bad idea? To say that it’s being done for ratings is obvious: It’s TV, of course they thought about ratings. But could it enflame racial tensions or enhance stereotypes? Or could it get the public to discus race?

While Republicans and Democrats
argue over whether or not Bush’s
Monday night speech was political,
Jon Stewart has his own take on
the speech. (You gotta click "Enter
Now" once you get to the page.)


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