Wednesday, September 13, 2006

60 tortured bodies were found in Baghdad, and another 22 people were killed by car bombs in Iraq today. All this as Republicans and Democrats argue over the statement by Pres. Bush on 9/11. He said the Iraq war was pivotal to US security.

As predicted, Apple announced a movie download service and - surprise, surprise - more versions of the i-Pod. So, if you don’t think the i-Pod has lost its cool, as we asked yesterday, you’ll probably be heading out to spend another few hundred on a new one.

And fans of the Crocodile Hunter are taking revenge in a morbid way as plans for his funeral are announced for next Wednesday.

Drama at the Saddam trial in Iraq. ABC News Death Squads still in Baghdad. MSNBC

Surprising day in international diplomacy. Iran to Iraq: I got your back - BBC US to Syria:Thanks - CNN

Wildfires in the West are threatening to break all time records. Great Falls Tribune

Apple announces new movie service and i-Pods CNET

After scandal, HP Chairwoman steps down New York Times

Crocodile Hunter fans hunting stingrays in real life BBC and in a video game The Age

Gangsters’ girlfriends say no violence or no sex Guardian


Imagine a world without skinny models. The folks at Madrid fashion week do. They’re banning models that don’t measure-up to a certain height-weight ratio. Organizers say they are concerned about girls and young women who want to aspire to models’ often rail-thin looks. Modeling agencies say it should be up to designers who model their clothes and that it could ruin some models’ careers. What do you think? Are the Madrid fashion folks doing a good thing or overstepping their bounds?
______________________________________________________________________ Entourage’s Jeremy Piven pulled an “Ari” on Billy Bush outside the Emmy’s. They probably won’t hug it out anytime soon.


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